Our expertise: Prior Art Search Focusing on Japanese

Our core competency is prior art search specialized in Japanese patent and non-patent literature, as well as in Chinese and Korean. We use local original-language databases (CJK, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

We have been providing patent search service to attorneys of major law firms worldwide, IP managers and technical leaders of Fortune 500 companies since 1997. We find prior art using local Asian languages with deliverables in English.

Our services:

  1. Prior art search, specialized in Japanese, Chinese and Korean;
  2. Other intellectual property related services;
  3. Translation.

  4. our services

Each project is assigned to an experienced native searcher or translator with expertise in the corresponding field.

Whether you need patent information for your filing, infringement litigation or in your research, we can help.

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Your searcher has done an excellent job of understanding the subject matter and has found some very pertinent prior art. I am very pleased with the quality and thoroughness.

- Adam Kalsey, North Carolina