Examples of Prior Art Search Projects We Completed Recently:

Biotech Communication Optical communication
Machinery Electronics Pharmaceutical
Business model Medical Device Computer
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Semi-conductor
  1. Photolithographic/lithographic method of semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor with unique pattern, Japanese patent and non-patent literature search;

  2. Computer chip mounted directly on the motherboard for generating security protection signal, both patent and non-patent literature search, Japanese. Patent infringement lawsuit;

  3. Digital camera, imaging processing, imaging method. Japanese patent. Search priot to patent license/technical transfer;

  4. Method of purifing bioactive susbtances. Validity search. Japanese non-patent literatures;

  5. LCD driver. Japanese patent search, for patent infrigement lawsuit, defensive;

  6. Clinical test method and test kit. Chinese and Japanese searches, both patent and non-patent literature for patent infringement litigation;

  7. Dispense method and apparatus of liquid . Japanese and Chinese patent searches, invalidation search;

  8. Vehicle navigation system using photographic information, Japanese patent and non-patent literature searches; for infrigement lawsuit;

  9. Medical device and manufacturing method, Japanese patent search; validity search;

  10. Polymer film and manufacturing method, Japanese patent; Infrigement search;

  11. Digital TV apparatus and TV signal transmission method, Japanese patent; invalidation search

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- John Hall, Texas