JPO and ROSPATENT have Agreed to Expand Cooperation

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) at JPO had a new expansion: JPO and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (ROSPATENT) had agreed to this program starting from June 1, 2013. Through such program, accelerated examination becomes available at both offices, which enables applicants to acquire patents more quickly and effectively in other countries.

ROSPATENT is the Russia Federal executive authority performing functions of control and supervision in the area of the legal protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks. ROSPATENT is under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The number of applications filed at ROSPATENT in 2012 is 111,099, and the number of examinations and decisions made in the same year is 109,156.

JPO and ROSPATENT have been implementing the PPH pilot program since 2009. After about 4 years, both offices agree to expand the scope so more applicants can benefit from this program.

After June 1, 2013, the international patent applications (PCT applications) that have received a positive opinion from either of JPO or ROSPATENT are eligible for the PPH program so the applicants may be able to get patent right quickly. JPO also is the International Searching Authority and the International Preliminary Examining Authority, so the search results can be used at ROSPATENT as well.

Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (ROSPATENT) expanded the PPH program.