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Machine translation sample-1:

[Detailed Description of the Invention]
[Industrial Application]
This invention is used by SMT mounting, COB mounting, COG mounting, etc. about the equipment which mounts electronic parts etc. on the circuit board.
[Description of the Prior Art]
As conventional electronic-parts mounting equipment, either [ at least ] an element-placement head or the circuit board adopted a means to move in X and the direction of Y.
[0003] Drawing 3 shows the configuration of conventional electronic-parts mounting equipment. In drawing, the parts cassette by which a components transfer head and 2 supply a X-Y robot, and, as for 3, 1 supplies electronic parts or a tray, and 4 are the circuit boards.
[0004] About the conventional example constituted as mentioned above, the actuation is explained below. The components transfer head 1 is carried in the X-Y robot 2, and is movable in the direction of X, and the direction of Y. Then, the components transfer head 1 carries out the parts cassette which supplies the electronic parts in facility back, or tray 3 top-X-Y migration, and takes out required electronic parts by adsorption. Then, X-Y migration is carried out to the predetermined location of the circuit board 4 by which location readjustment was carried out, and electronic parts are mounted on the circuit board.

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