The advantages of machine translation today are significant. Machine translation is very useful when the English abstract of a Japanese patent does not give enough information for you to decide if a human translation is necessary.

Patent translations performed by professional translators are costly and the time required usually is measured in days if not in weeks. Machine translation allows us to translate many Japanese patents in a matter of hours, at a very cheap cost.

While machine translation output is very rough to read and often very confusing, it is useful enough to give you an idea of what is being disclosed and to help you to decide which patents or which parts need to be translated by a professional translator.

For Japanese patents published after 1993, usually there are electronic files available for the machine translation.

However, for Japanese patents published before 1992, because all the applications were filed on paper, we need to use an OCR tool to convert the paper copies/images into a text file before the machine translation.

Depending on your required turnaround time, your budget, etc., we can provide you full machine translation, human-assisted machine translation, or semi-machine translation.

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