Our Patent Search Service

We have a significant higher success rate than our competitors in Japanese prior art searches. There are some good reasons.

First, we focus on our strength in Japanese search, which is a very difficult task for a patent applicant before filing and for a patent examiner before issuing a patent at USPTO. To search patent documents in Japanese, a searcher needs to possess search expertise and experience, technical background, patent knowledge, mastery of Japanese databases, and language skills in both English and Japanese. Only very limited number of searchers in the world meet all these requirements. We are different from other search firms because our specialty is searching Japanese and other Asian languages including Chinese and Korean.

Second, we have dedicated Japanese prior art search teams. Over 85% of our searchers have either a Master Degree or Ph.D. in his/her search field and possesses extensive experience in searching Japanese patent and non-patent literature.

Third, we have access to all major patent and non-patent literature databases in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. All of our searchers are experts in such databases.

We have right people in the right technology field and possess right tools. And we are specialized in searching Japanese as well as Chinese and Korean.

Search type we provide:

  • Validity/invalidity search;
  • Infringement search;
  • Freedom to Operate Search;
  • Patentability/Novelty Search; and
  • Other searches per client's request.
Recent searches we performed can be viewed by clicking this link: Recent Searches We Performed.

We have expertise and experience in following fields:
Communication, electronics, semi-conductors, liquid crystal, optics, storage media, biotechnology, biochemical materials, genetic modification technology, biopolymer, chemistry, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, digital communication, fiber optic communication, encryption, computers, image processing, automobile, medical equipment, measurement device, machine engineering, manufacturing machinery, automated control, robotics, steel, nonferrous metal, electroplating, casting, forging, new materials, ceramic, civil engineering, construction, nanotechnology, etc.


We are specialized in searching Japanese prior art, as well as Chinese and Korean prior art.

We have right people in the right technology fields and possess right tools.