Japanese Prior Art Search Procedure

Using Japanese patent search in the area of electronics as an example.
Normally we follow the protocol below to perform a patent search:
  1. Step 1: Understanding the target patent/technology;
  2. Step 2: Developing key concepts;
  3. Step 3: Performing a few preliminary searches;
  4. Step 4: Defining classes and key word strings to be used in the searches;
  5. Step 5: Deciding the search strings and database(s) to be used;
  6. Step 6: Performing the searches, and refining the strings and formula and conducting follow-up search(es);
  7. Step 7: Screening the hits generated to eliminate noise, and downloading full patent documents of the screened hits;
  8. Step 8: Reviewing the full documents retrieved in previous step, and performing another follow-up search(es) if necessary; and
  9. Step 9: Reporting.

In Step 1, like any search firm normally does, we seek help from our clients, the technology expert in the related area so we can understand better the essential elements or features of a target patent or target technology, to avoid searching for the wrong documents.

In Step 2, we develop key concepts that are expressed in Japanese for the essential elements or features of interest based on the understanding for the target patent or technology.

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We are specialized in searching Japanese prior art, as well as Chinese and Korean prior art.

We have right people in the right technology fields and possess right tools.