Our Patent Searchers and Their Strength

We focus on Asian prior art search (patent and scientific literature search) particularly Japanese and Chinese patent. A good Japanese (or Chinese) patent searcher must have strength in following 5 areas: technical background, knowledge of patent law, search skills, language expertise, and analysis ability.

Many people may meet 2 or even 3 of the 5 requirements above. For example, a person with a master degree in science and has worked at R&D department of a multinational company for 5 years may have the required technical background, analysis ability, and even Japanese or Chinese language skills. However, that is not enough yet as a good patent searcher. This person will need to spend years to acquire knowledge of patent law, search skills and database knowledge. Especially for acquiring the search skills, it takes years of training and practice with the help of veteran patent searchers.

All of our searchers are bilingual, some of them are trilingual, with native or professional level of Japanese, Chinese or Korean language skills in additional to native or professional level of English. We have experience in providing intellectual property services particularly prior art search, patent research and other IP support for more than 10 years. Our patent searchers are familiar with Japanese/Chinese patent law, are masters of using Japan databases such as Patolis and NRI, and have experience in prior art search, intellectual property research, wipo patent search, etc. for the purpose of patent validity / invalidity, landscape, and mapping.

A patent searcher should be clear about the way the search results are going to be used, and plan the search task accordingly. There is a major difference between a patentability, infringement or a validity search.

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Our patent searchers are committed to providing superior intellectual property services for you. We have expertise and experience in patent research, intellectual property research, wipo patent search, etc.

Our specialty is searching Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent scientific literature.