Translation involves more than simply rewriting words from one language into another. Rather, it requires deep technology, patent law, culture and linguistic understanding, as well as the ability to sense the intention of the patent applicant, combined with the ability to precisely and accurately transmit the applicant's intention to the end readers (examiners, investors, et al).

We at Gongwell are committed to providing you with superior services.

We use native speaking translators to make sure the translation is both technically, legally, and linguistically accurate.

We are familiar with your industry, we understand your terminologies, and we speak your language.

We keep close contact with you, to listen to your feedback, to learn from you.

Before we delivery, our highly skilled checkers will proofread and edit the document to ensure the translation is grammatically and technically error-free.

Most importantly, we have strong professionalism. We want to be the best, and provide superior service to you.

Thank you kindly for the speedy delivery. I will be sure to advise the client of your remarks regarding the translation. I will also make sure that the reviewer has this information available. I can’t say thank you enough. You have done a great job.

- John Hall, Texas