We provide different types of patent translation services to meet your needs and budget.

1. For filing

If you need a translation for a patent specification to be filed at a patent office of a foreign country including JPO (Japan), USPTO (the USA), SIPO (China), KIPO (Korea), or WIPO, we can help.

In the last 15 years, our firm has helped hundreds of clients in the USA, Europe, and Japan translate their patent applications for filling.

Our clients include:

  • Law firms (80%)
  • Intellectual property (IP) departments of corporations (15%)
  • Individual inventors (5%)

2. For reference

We can also help if you need translation for information purposes. Depending on your needs and budget, we can provide translation in full document, in partial such as claim only or embodiment portion only, draft translation, semi-machine translation, etc., which tailor the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation to your needs.

3. For litigation

We also translate patent information for litigation purposes including:

  • Opposition
  • Infringement suit
  • Invalidity suit, etc.

We translate patent documents, office action documents, file history/file wrapper documents, and other non-patent literature, between English and Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

Whether you require a translation for filing purpose, information purpose, or litigation purpose, we can provide you with a high quality service at a very reasonable price.

Thank you kindly for the speedy delivery. I will be sure to advise the client of your remarks regarding the translation. I will also make sure that the reviewer has this information available. I can’t say thank you enough. You have done a great job.

- John Hall, Texas