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How to Search for a Japanese Patent Prior Art

Locating or searching patent in Japanese is a very challenging and tricky task, and also costly, because of the complexity of JPO patent system, huge number of documents stored at JPO database, and language barrier. However, chances of uncovering pertinent prior art is quite high, because Japanese patent prior art is so difficult to find and costly that a patent holder of a foreign company often did not have a thorough JP search before or after filling the application in the normal novelty / patentability search process, nor the examiner at USPTO due to the limited resource, time, and budget. In other words, Japanese patent prior art is an untouched gold mine in term of prior art information.

In this section, we provide some tips, ideas and examples about Japanese patent search, including number system, validity, novelty, etc. using a few examples. If you have a specific project, we would be happy to send you a proposal and estimate together with some of our intellectual property services information.

Tips of Searching Patents in Japanese:

Provide a few examples, ideas and tips about how to search Japanese patent.

We welcome your comments, questions, and would be happy to send you a proposal for your specific needs.