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Search Japan Patent for a Lithographic Method of Semiconductors

If in a patent infringement litigation or licensing, prior art that relates to lithographic method of a semiconductor is required, where and how the search can be performed?

The first and most important source to be searched is Japanese patent. Depending on the publication date, Korean and/or Chinese prior art should also be included. If prior art published before 1995 is required, we suggest to focus on Japanese.

If the target patent to be invalidated is about a semiconductor device with a 2-dimensional pattern, following search concepts may be used:

1) a semiconductor device having a first resist and a second resist, or a first pattern and a second pattern, and a manufacturing method thereof;
2) a manufacturing method for a semiconductor device comprising two or more than two times of exposures;
3) a manufacturing method for a semiconductor device comprising coating two or more than two resists.

In one of our previous projects for Japan prior art relating to a semiconductor and manufacturing method thereof, we used full text as well as classification. In these searches, a total of 1334 hits were generated. Full documents of these hits were downloaded, and each of these documents was screened and reviewed. 5 Japanese patents that are considered to be relevant art to the target claims to be invalidated were uncovered.

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Validity/invalidity about semicondutor lithography field.

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