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Infringement Litigation Case about GPS Navigator

In a lawsuit of patent infringement about a GPS navigator, Japanese prior art is the most important source to be searched because it is the leading country in this field. It is the earliest country commercially marketed this type of products. An example of search project in this field we performed is summarized below for reference.


Type of the search:
Infringement litigation case, searching for both patent and scientific literature.

Databases used:
Non-patent literatures: JDream-II (JSTPlus), READ, NINii, G-search, GENii, and Kaken;
Patent: Patolis and IPDL.

Strings used:
Japanese key word strings and synonyms relateding to "navigation" or "navigator":
(ナビゲーションOR ナビゲイター OR カーナビ OR 自動航法 OR ナビゲーター)

Patent classes relating to "navigation system" or "navigator":
F-Theme about navigation system used:
2F129 x (AA03 + BB03 + BB20 + BB21 + BB26 + CC16 + DD21 + EE02 + EE26 + EE35 + EE39 + EE52 + EE75 + EE85 + HH12 + HH19 + HH20)

(G01C21/00 + G09B29/00 + G09B29/10)

Non-patent Search Result
The literature searches covered navigator/navigation system, and author/inventor names extracted from cited references in the target patent and from our preliminary findings. We also conducted a broad look by using Japanese synonyms relating to navigator/navigation system, picture/photo/image, and coordinates.

These trials generated a total of 43 hits. After removing noise by screening using titles, abstracts and bibliographic information, we purchased 5 full documents from JST.

Patent Search Result
The Japanese patent search generated 224 hits. Those references cited in the target patent are excluded from the list.
We downloaded full documents for all these 224 hits, reviewed these documents by screening the specifications.

After the reviewing and screening, we uncovered 4 references that are considered good prior art, which can anticipate the claimed features.

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In an infringement litigation case about navigator. both JP patent and scientific literatures were searched.

4 references that can anticipate the claimed features were uncovered.