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Image Processing-related Japan Patent Search: Rotation of the Image during Display

We performed a Japanese patent search relating to an image processing method.
Language: Japanese
Period: before July 31, 1997
Databases used: Patolis, NRI and IPDL

Search strings used and number of hits generated are summarized below for reference.

Search No. Search strings used types searched Number of hits
S9 S1*S2*S3*S4*S8 A、U、U9、T、TU、S 873
S8 Full text search using Japanese synonyms of “digital camera” OR “electronic camera” OR “electronic still camera” A、U、U9、T、TU、S 8686
S4 Full text search using synonyms of “rotation” OR “turn” OR “pivot” A、U、U9、T、TU、S 2074744
S3 Full text search using synonyms of “picture” OR “image” OR “portrait" OR “photograph” A、U、U9、T、TU、S 946850
S2 Full text search using synonyms of “orientation” OR “direction” A、U、U9、T、TU、S 3381019
S1 IPC search (196401 - 199707): H04N5/232+ H04N5/225+ H04N5/262+ H04N5/907+ H04N5/222+ H04N5/765+ H04N5/781+ H04N101:00 A、U、U9、T、TU、S 23241

These searches generated a total of 1258 hits. We downloaded full documents for all these hits, reviewed these documents by screening the specifications.
4 Japanese references that are considered to be relevant art are uncovered.

How to Search Japanese Patents for Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras with unique parameter setting function
Digital Cameras with image rotation during display

Image processing method-related infringement litigation project.

4 references were found that are considered good art.