Patentability Search

Patentability search is also called by some people as novelty search. A patentability search is usually performed before applying for a patent to assure an invention is patentable. In some multinational corporations, after a technologist or researcher has a novel invention and submitted a development record, a patentability search is requested either by the inventor or by the patent lawyer in charge of the patent filing.

Our patentability search (novelty) is focused on searching published Japanese patent applications and granted patents, as well as non-patent literatures and other information in public domains. We also provide search in Chinese and/or Korean based on client's requirement.

For us to perform a patentability search (novelty), we will need to understand the essential feature(s) of the invention. A short description of the invention with novel steps, together with associated drawings/tables are helpful. It is even better if a patent application draft is available.

After the search, we will submit following deliverables: a search report, full copies of original prior art uncovered; English titles, abstracts, and other bibliographic information of the prior art; and machine translation output of the prior art. We can also provide professional human translation per client's request.


Before applying for a patent for your invention about a novel product and process, let us help you conduct a patentability or novelty search in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean.