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Search Japanese Patent | Chinese & Korean Prior Art
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Search Japanese Patent | Chinese & Korean Prior Art
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Prior Art Search Projects Completed: semiconductor
Japanese Patent Search in Biotech Field
Find Patent Search: Multimedia / communication field
Optical Communication Field Japan Patent Search
Japanese Patent Search in Machinery Field: full text and classfication
Japanese Patent Search in the Field of Electronics
Japan Patent Search for Pharmaceutical Litigation Case
Japanese Patent Search for Business Model Litigation
Finding Japanese Patent for Validity of Medical Device Application
Japanese Patent Search for Litigation about Electronics/Computer
Pharmaceutical Field of Japanese Patent Search
Search Japan Patent for Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
Japanese Patent Search for Computer Hardware Patent Litigation
Patent Search for Pharmaceutical Patent Infringement Litigation

Databases and Resources/ 20 pages

Patent and non-patent literature Database
Chinese Prior Art Sources & Databases
Korean Patent and Non-patent Literature Databases
Japan Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL)
Kind Code & Numbering of Japanese Patent
JPO and Indonesia Patent Office Enter PPH Agreement
Recent Patent Infringement Cases, Complains & Lawsuits
Japanese Patent Law and System, and Its History
Basis of Japanese Patent Law
Numbers of Patent applications and registrations at JPO and SIPO
JPO and ROSPATENT have expanded PPH program
MLR, LLC filed a complaint against Sony Electronics Inc. for Patent Infringement
Adaptix, Inc.vs Apple Inc and Cellco Partership d/b/a Verizon Complaint: US7,454,212 & US6,947,748
Wireless Media Innovations filed a patent infringement action against Leapfrog Enterprises
Penovia LLC filed complains accusing Cisco Systems Inc. and 6 other companies of patent infringement
Metasearch Systems LLC alleged Expedia Inc.,, L.P., and Hotwire, Inc. for patent infringement
Mr.Strub, US7,523,166 patent owner, alleged v. YouTube LLC infringement
Vantage Point Technology complained Microsoft, and 10 other companies for patent infringement
Japanese Patent Search using following search string: (G06Q30/00 OR H04M3/533 AND 20010510 AND koukoku (a Japanese keyword as a filter)
Data Engine Technologies LLC accused IBM for infringement of 6 patents

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Patent offices worksharing
Japanese & Chinese Industrial Property Rights
Japanese & Chinese Industrial Property Rights

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Our Search Services in Japanese

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Search Procedure /Protocol: Step 1 & 2
Step 3 & 4 of Patent Search Procedure
Step 5: Decide formula & Strings and Databases
Step 6: Performing Patent Searches
Step 7: Reducing Search Noise and Download Patents
Patent Search Step 8: Screening and Finding Prior Art
Last Step: Summarizing Search Results

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Our Patent Searchers
Our Search Team and Clients

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Recent Search cases
Japanese Prior Art Search: Wind Turbine Rotor Blades and Wind Turbines
Computer parts-related Japanese Patent Search
How to Search Japan Patent in the Area of Diode
LED related Japanese Patent Search
Japanese Prior Art Search to Invalidate a US Patent

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Technology Areas of Our Patent Search
Japanese Patent Search sample: GPS Navigation System
Another JP Patent Search sample: Slot Machine

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Tips and Ideas of Searching Patent in Japanese
How to Perform Patent Numbers Search in Japanese
Prior Art for Navigation System or GPS
GPS Navigator-related Japan Patent Search
Search Semicondutor Lithography Japanese Patent
How to Search for Patents for Digital Cameras
Find Prior Art for Digital Camera Patent Infringement Litigation
Patent Infringement Litigation patent search for Image Processing Method

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Japanese Patent Validity Search | Invalidity
Right to Use | Freedom to Operate Search
Patentability Search | Novelty focusing on Japanese, Chinese, & Korean
State-of-the-Art Search

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Sitemap of Japanese Patent Search Site

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